Who is that fool on the road? Oh me apparently.

Could be worse

Parking my car in a too small space.

Well the long suffering husbands car to be honest.

We have one car between us and I walk everywhere so I confess my parking maybe a little rusty.

Happily though he has parking sensors which beep beep beep if you are in danger of hitting anything.

So there I was reversing and going forward inching back and fore for ages. The sensor was beeping and I was looking at the reflection of the car in the window of Martin Wisharts restaurant in Leith which had a gleaming clean window so i knew it was tight.

I knew I was nudging the car behind as the beeper was on one continuous tone. But as it whined on  I stopped and had a chat with my passenger, pal Fi,  as she read me a text and we discussed it, there was a knock on the passenger window. I put it down and saw this mans face. I smiled and said Hello! And he simply asked

‘How do you normally stop when I’m not parked behind you?’

Oops. He was sitting in his car as I pushed my way into the space in front of him.

Oh God I’m sorry I said.

‘And you’ve got a parking sensor’ he said hearing the loud continuous whine incredulous yet grinning – thank God!

‘God I am so sorry. It was just a gentle nudge, or two, I am sure there is no damage it was just……’.  What? I am an idiot. A fool. A bad parker. A woman. I just smiled.

He smiled back.

Knight of the road.

We retired to Mimi’s Bakehouse for a scone and coffee. We needed sustenance. Not him – us. Though Fi did think he looked like a Scottish Charles Dance. Ah well…..


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