Yves Saint Laurent launch their own fags saying they are fashionable. WHAT?

Just the thing for a chubby teenager to get them started.

I remember my pal Linda sneaking a desperately glamorous packet of fags out of her Mums handbag which we tried to smoke simple because they looked so appealing. Both Linda and I became smokers – whether or not we can blame Sobranie or her Mum I don’t know but I was shocked to see this.

Sophisicated but they still give you cancer

The Yves Saint Laurent fag packet. Oh yes young impressionable gals now you can covet the designer gear, the make-up and the cancer stick to perch on the lip. What? Sobranie are off the hook as they started years ago but YSL ?? Surely they should know better. And if they are so proud of it then why don’t they launch them here? They are only available in Russia and Asia in countries that are more maleable to that sort of thing? Or perhaps in a place satisfyingly far away from the likes of me who would stand on a box and shout ‘Oh no you don’t – bad bad bad!’.

Encouraging youngsters to poison their lungs is wrong on any level but jumping on the style YSL bandwagon just stinks. They are saying smoking is fashionable. It begs the question is dying of a smoking related disease fashionable? No thought not.


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