Call Kaye tomorrow is Call Alison on BBC Scotland

Have been away. Far far away and got back late late last night at 2am. Straight back into it. Hilarity of trip with associated photos will be documented later  this week but for now.

Tomorrow I am sitting in for Kaye Adams presenting her Call Kaye program on BBC Radio Scotland at 8.45am – 10am.

 It’s a phone in. So guess what I am asking you to do? Yup. Got it in one. Phone. In.

Or Text or e mail of course.

There are 2 topics to get your teeth into.

     Scottish geezers and their appalling health.Yup they say 68% of Scottish men are overweight and so the SPL have got together the Government to launch FFIT – Football Fans In Training. Have you heard about it? Well if you’re between 35 – 65 and have a belly of over 100cm or over a 38 ” waist size  trouser. The plan is to get along to your local football club once a week to work out with the club trainers and turn yourself into a finely honed race horse as opposed to a glue factory candidate. What do you think about that? Why are the Scots so unhealthy in the first place? Is this just another flash in the pan or is there something we are missing and should be doing? 

    You can call : 0500 92 95 00    Facebook Page:  Call Kaye                Text: 80295               Email:


 The second half of the show will be talking about – gird your loins – Christmas! Yup. The day of a thousand family feuds looms large. Well not that large. Do you love it or hate it? Are you thinking about it already or incensed that the word Christmas is allowed to be uttered at all before the 23rd of December. I knew you would have an opinion so don’t hold back. Liz Jones, Daily Mail columnist will be on giving us her opinion so come one get involved it should be bunfight and loads of fun –


You can call 0500 92 95 00            Text 80295

Email                Facebook Page:   Call Kaye

8.45 – 10am tomorrow on BBC Radio Scotland


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