Damn The Edinburgh Tram – now it’s cracked!


OMG The Edinburgh Trams Debacle kicks off again. The tracks are cracking. They are not alone. So am I. This is ludicrous. They are saying they might rip up Princes Street again as the rails are cracked. They haven’t been used yet. They haven’t had a tram upon them at all. They have had nothing on them. Other than a drunken festival goer and the odd student. So has the inclement weather done them in? Oh that’s right it’s just been summer. Of course it has dropped a few degrees in the past few days so that must be it. Fair enough.

Fair enough!


Stop spending our money. Now! They want to know how to make cuts. These are cuts. These are big cuts. These are monumental cuts and they should be made now. THEY SHOULD.

Meanwhile I am off to cobble togetherenough wood to build stocks.

Then I will drag the sorry blighters who are responsible for this tragic waste of our public funds and lock them in the stocks before going  round all the fruit and veg suppliers who I hope will donate all the mishapen and rotting fruit they have left which  will then be handed to any tax payer in Edinburgh to come and blam the faces of these half wits until they apologise publicly.

There. Off my chest.


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