On the road to the Isles…..with a virus.

On the road for another week – round Scotland – with a boot full of wine, a laptop and an optimistic eye. I will be blogging daily if you’d like to  follow the trail of nonsense here .

Imagine getting up this nose - not very pleasant.

But before I go If alisonsdiary has sent you an e mail trying to flog viagra, lend you money or other such nonsense I can only apologise. SORRY. It’s a virus. How this happens I have no idea and who are these anoraks who abide somewhere in the ether spend their time fiddling around to hack into peoples e mail addresses and send meaningless nonsense to millions of strangers anyway? Eejits the lot of them.

As you can see it gets up my nose.

They should get out of the house, take a walk, meet a human, speak, laugh, buy a dog, phone an old pal, go to the pub, read a book, turn off their infernal PC and  in other words get a bloody life.

Hackers turn off that computer - come on you can do it!

So that’s that off my chest. And as I say sorry about the random e mails if you were unfortunate enough to get one.  Off to fill up the car and get on the road………..


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