Sandy Lane Barbados? Nope Sandy Bay, Loch Awe today!

So long suffering husband and I are supposed to be in Majorca.  Now.  A finely tuned military operation was organised. Ryanair cheap as chips flights to Palma for a few days from Edinburgh. Then long suffering flies back to Blighty on the same day my Mum flies out so the Queen of Sheba – me – has a full 10 days in the sun. Perfect.

Then bring on the volcanic ash cloud and the whole thing went tits up. So what do you do? Huff, moan, cry and regret? Bugger that for a game of soldiers.  Get online and organise something closer to home.So here I am 5 days later, 5 days of sunshine and only 1 brief shower, I have a face like a well slapped babys bum, a smile like Oliver Reed after a bottle of rum and a feeling of deep love once again for this country we call home.  2 dogs, 1 man and me on tour in Scotland.  Just off a boat on a wee island in the middle of Loch Awe – as you can see every one is loving it!

PS the reason he has a life jacket on is cos I threatened to upturn the boat if I didn’t catch a fish!. Ho ho ho.


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