Proof that dogs watch telly.

So it seems our half Labrador half wit Sam has taken it upon herself to re-enact The Generation Game in the kitchen in the dark, in the deepest hours of the night.

Has the sight of Bruce Forsyth hosting the new series of Strictly Come Dancing stimulated a long forgotten memory. Is this why she tried to recreate the finale of the game. Which was of course the conveyor belt.
As you can see from the photograph of what I found this morning when I went shuffling in to make a cup of tea.
Today she has chosen a hand weight (how she lifted that with her teeth is a mystery), a shoe and an empty yet chewed Jaffa Cake box.

I wondered to myself as I looked at her collection of stuff what on earth she was thinking.

Then one look at her – the answer came to me instantly.

Absolutely nothing.

  • Davy Hepburn

    That is a typical “who me…what???” doggie look

  • What a shame, she s beautifull, and be glad she did nt chew the shoe. Our dog, lucy ( a lurcher), helped herself the a whole box of cat food packets from a shelf and took it through the dog flap into the garden and tore open the box and all the packet to eat the cat meat and took a tube of marg from beside the bread bin to her bed where she opened it and ate it all. Somehow, in a very mad moment, i agreed to get a new puppy ( deerhound/ suluki, greyhound cross) and am hopeing older dog doesnt teach new dog her naughty tricks