Christmas – embrace it and your friends and family.

I have veered into shops with good intentions, spotted a throng of shoppers jostling for position, turned on my heel and left.

Last Monday I met my dear Mum in John Lewis – it looked like a  Boxing Day sale so we skulked off for a coffee and left gift free but sane.


So a week later still gift free and not quite as sane thanks to the disappointed faces of friends and relatives that flood into my head in those long  dark hours in the middle of the night. The tut tutting of present obsessed relatives both past and present hove into view as I toss and turn and fail to get back to sleep. Yup losing it.

And then something as sobering, real, tragic and visceral as the Connecticut massacre happens and it stops you in your tracks. It brings home instantly the fact  friends and family are the only important and valuable thing any of us ever have.  Life without them is inconceivable.


So I intend to embrace them all from  red cheeked wee ones to the whiskery faced old ones savouring each moment.  The only thing that matters are the things money can’t buy.


Merry Christmas to you and yours.


Writer & broadcaster.

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