Blogging is a love in – with cupcakes.

Cupcake edifying but not fattening.

Today through one of the long suffering husbands restaurants I received  a package. It looked like an IKEA light but on the front it stated clearly ‘ this is not an IKEA light ‘ so intrigued I opened it to find the most delicious delectable framed picture of a cupcake. Made of wool, silky silvery threads, fronds, squirls, candy colours  with a cherry on top. It is a small and perfectly formed work of art that  looks good enough to eat.
Intrigued I read the enclosed letter.

It is from a reader of this blog. The letter was moving, funny – I mean laugh out loud funny – moving, sad, heart warming and sent to say Alison’s Diary blog has helped her through a few dark days over the past few years.

As I read the letter I felt tears rolling down my cheeks.

She had no idea.

The timing was impeccable.

Yesterday I was discharged from hospital after a two week stay and have recently had a few dark days of my own.

Whilst I read her letter she put a smile on my face, sadly lacking over the past wee while, and helped me remember how I felt before all this recent drama.  She unwittingly has helped me in just the way she says this blog of disorganised outpourings has helped her.

So thank you.

Thank you for the letter

Thank you for the picture.

Thank you for reminding me a blog is not just a blog it is two way support mechanism for the like minded.

And thank you for getting me from the bed to the desk to the pc to the blog.  Here we go again…..

Most of all thank you for it being today of all days.


Onward and upward……….


  • Helenvlumsden

    Alison, I enjoyed your craick when I tuned in to my car radio, I followed your column in the Sunday Mail and was upset it was time for you to move on shall we say! It has been my only email contact for several years “your blog” . I send my sincere good wishes and heartful thanks for your involvement in my life. Please lass take strength from the fact that there is many people that think of you with genuine kindly thoughts. Awe the best Alison. x  

  • Marylamarmion

    It is amazing how things turn up out of the blue and really lift you out of the depths of despair, and know that somewhere someone is thinking of you.  Do hope you are on the mend.  Take care and keep up the blog I enjoy it as many people do.

  • They can indeed. Thanks for your best wishes I am indeed a cheery sort of person but as ever to enjoy the highs you have to understand the lows. All part of lives rich tapestry albeit – in my case anyway – slightly unpicked at the corner. Cheers!

  • Pippasmith1968

    Small things can make a huge difference to the day Hope you are well you have brightened up many a dull day and you always seem so cheerie