Bloody men – you can bet one of them invented this

This post is short and not very sweet, but spleen needing venting.



I bet a penny to a pound of shit it was a man who invented this time wasting annoyance. The individual bloody cutlery sorting grid thing at the top of the dishwasher. What a crock of shit.

And as for the OCD women who like it – well don’t even go there.

I have a life. It does not include fart arsing around with this sort of nonsense.

There off my chest.

  • Paper plates – it’s the only way to go. Not very green but the blood pressure will remain within vaguely safe limits.

  • text text

    C’mon Alison,we all know us virgos like attention to detail…..Admit it,you will be there,tinkering about with your cuttlery,until every knife,fork and spoon has arrived safely in its intended space! LOL!!!!
    Seriously,I would want to rip it out. Also, my dishwasher,where the plate dividers at the back keep collapsing, would make any self respecting lady return to the basin,water and fairy liquid.

  • Philalcorn

    Mmm. In oor wee flat, I am the dishwasher.