Celebrity Chef set to take big steak (stake) steak in Edinburgh!

I'm not one to gossip BUT...

So a little birdie told me that a certain well known chef is heading to Edinburgh to open in …..be still my beating heart…….The Assembly Rooms. Tis true. Tis a shed load of money too.

So who is it?

That’s for me to know and you to find out.

Oh  OK then.It’s Mr Jamie Oliver. Anyway, not that I am one to gossip but apparently he  is in negotiations with the powers that be to take the place. Aye the cockney sparrow is coming our way. With his lovely smiley line free wife and loads of cutie wee pie children. Ah I feel blessed.

Well hungry.


Now…what can I have? Mnnn thanks Jamie…..nice idea. Now remember where you heard it first!

Jamie meets the locals


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