Wombstock – kick me baby one more time!


When myself and the great wall of China were visible from space, when I was 8 months pregnant and about to drop I lay on the couch and got up occasionally to eat, puffing and heaving myself about the place.  At the time I was working as a DJ and so my unborn babe was getting music beamed into his ears from the moment his lugs were formed. In addition I  played music non stop in the  car, the house and played the piano.  Seldom quiet it drives the long suffering husband mad. My particular passion at that time, and in enduring passion if the truth be told was reggae, John Martyn and Lyle Lovett. Without any brain washing after he was born my boy now loves reggae  and music of all kinds – yes he has a love of the loud non music music that all teenagers love but he also loves The Eels, The Killers, Led Zep and other classy rock which means one of two things, he has impeccable taste all of his own or could it be that the influence of music on the unborn child is as yet undiscovered. Well if you are a bump  carrier and would like to find out then tonight in Edinburgh is your chance.  (there’s a wee vid of Bob the gorgeous Marley doing No Woman No Cry at the bottom of this post – or as I like to call it No Epidural Big Wailer.)

Here are the details…..
When female lead singers in bands become pregnant they usually cut back on gig
commitments or decide to step out of the limelight for a while. But not Gulzhan Ibraveya
from Scottish band Universal You who has decided to embrace being a rocker mum
after hearing about of the benefits of exposing babies in the womb to music by holding a
unique one off concert for her unborn child and Edinburgh’s expectant mothers later this

Ready to rock!

year. Kazakhstan-born Gulzhan, who goes by the stage name Gi and is married to
guitarist and band mate Paul Finnie has booked the Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh on 2nd
November. 2010 for a special free, early evening gig, for unborn babies and mothers to
be, when she will be 8 months pregnant. “Paul and I first had the idea for the gig after
finding that our child kicked a lot during rehearsals and midwives now tell mothers that
music can really stimulate babies when they are developing,” says Gi. “We’re really
looking forward to the gig which people have been calling ‘Wombstock’ and a room full of
pregnant women rocking out should be an amazing sight.” The band are inviting
pregnant women from all over Scotland and beyond to attend the truly unique early
evening performance where they will be playing their new single Iskala and hope that the
concert will show the world that pregnant women can rock as hard as anyone at a night
that promises to be the mother of all gigs.
For all press enquiries or for further information please contact David Rogers
(07595 893931) or Ben Titchmarsh on karmic@blueyonder.co.uk or
Remember ? God he was fabulous wasn’t he? BOB!!!!

  • gi

    Come, enjoy and re-live those pregnant days again 🙂 gi from Universal You

  • I think this is a BRILLIANT idea! I kind of half-wish I was pregnant again.

    *brief panic attack*