Fifi Wilson hits Edinburgh – woof woof!

Mystic Meg - were the stars in alignment? Actually more to the point Meg, what are tonight's winning lottery numbers?

Hi my name is Larry and I’m a Virgo. Well obviously that’s a lie but someone, presumably someone who looks at horoscopes, might be able to explain why on Thursday night in Edinburgh there were so many events going on.

Not only that but I was in Glasgow so couldn’t attend any of them. Sob. It does my liver good but the rest of me flops into a distraught sort of shape.

So what did we miss?


If you have any events coming up and would like to include them in Alison’s Diary – just drop me an email to so myself or one of the girls will come along and bump out gums….a speciality of the house.

OK so back to this week’s nonsense……..So…..

Before the hoards of girls pitched up for the launch and fizz

Let’s start with the launch of one of London’s favourite boutiques in Bruntsfield. Called FiFi Wilson they  already have three immensely popular outlets  in the groovy parts of London such as Monmouth Street and Convent Garden where the client list reads like the whose who of cool and trendy.  Wouldn’t let me in then. Still.  Great news they are now in Scotland’s capital. Good choice. Sorry Glasgow – but remember it’s only 40 minutes on the train and if you want to make a real day of  shopping in Edinburgh to what your whislte have a look at this shopping guide. Designer boutiques and jewels in Edinburgh – in other words where to spend your hard earned cash.

Back to Fifi Wilson’s opening night Dynamite and some of the other girls went along. As you can see it was packed with smiling, happy girls stroking clothes and sipping champagne – well some of them were sipping. The clothes they were stroking included Bella Freud, By Malene Birger, Just In Case, Local, M Missoni, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Odd Molly that all probably means more to you than me that, being a Clarks Startrite sort of girl til I was 30, anyway, it is a great new addition to the boutiques in Edinburgh – AND news is Fifi  Wilson aka Fiona Lovett is looking at Glasgow next…….

The glamorous girls out in force

The RSA had a special night to launch a new exhibition of small-scale affordable artworks by contemporary artists and architects from 6 -8pm…the dress was ‘darkly decadent’ and  hear it was great fun.  But if like me you missed it well the exhibition is on until 15th December at The Lower Gallery which you access from Princes Street…so worth a look for nice for some unique Christmas presents for the one you love – or the one you would like to love but can’t work out how to make them look at you with something other than indifference.

Rimsky Korsakov a fan of my version of Flight of The Bumble Bee I believebenevolently.

Then of course there was the Slatebin investment Group having their annual dinner at Rhubarb the restaurant at  Prestonfield….a room packed with so many glasses it was a joy to behold. Sadly I didn’t get there til late and was driving so I just witnessed the aftermath of tasting wine that you won’t spit out! Halo intact. Bet there was a few furry mouths the next morning. For a change I could still whistle Flight of The Bumblebee without gargling  Resolve.

2 Pianos 4 hands premiered at The Kings Theatre on Thursday night too but it is on til 6th November if you fancy it…it is supposed to be brilliant!

Thank you whoever invented this


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