And they’re off! Fringe Festival Fun.

OK so the streets are packed, the bars are hoaching, the head count on the buses is standing room only. We are up and running for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2010.

Whoop. Sweat.

Launches launching.
Bellies paunching.
Comedians huddling.
Peddlars guddling
Tourists swarming.
Weather warming
Teenagers posing.
Old dossers dozing
Beer taps gushing.
PR types rushing
Everyone pushing.
Quiet types shooshing
Thespians emoting.
Fosters Judges voting
Footlights are trying.
Some on stage dying.
The Good and the bad
The ugly and sad
The funny and tragic
Some crap and some magic
The Festival fringe
The wild late night binge
3 weeks of the year
God help us it’s here.

  • Sophie Younger

    The thing is, it's them long important bands they wear around their necks as they strut the city. That's the thing. It's the bands. And the t-shirts that say 'Crew'. And the way they walk under my car quite often. I don't think they have green men in Wandsworth. Don't get me wrong, I love them.