Italian Students interfere with Arthur’s Seat

Arthur's Seat

 On a day like today the views at the  top of Arthur’s Seat  were remarkable! Specifically this one? Not only did they gub us at rugby but clearly they’re not finished with us yet. Those of a delicate disposition look away – students eh?
After the event – if you can call it that, we stood and admired the panoramic views the realised we were STARVING so rushed off doon the hill, jumped in the car and hit The Bake House on Broughton Street for a marvellous panini and large latte. Lounging in there for as long as possible before the wardens from hell were spotted glowering through the window and souring the milk.

The Bakehouse is a must if  you find yourself in Broughton Street.  Homemade cakes and wonderous tuna melts and the most charming staff to welcome you.

Table before heaps of food arrive - cute.

Outside about to rush in stuff faces. Hola.

In fact it is the perfect stop off  after a strenuous walk to get a lining in the stomach before heading over to The Barony Bar right across the road – a splendid hostelry which is still what it always was – a great pub. I LOVE PUBS. Oops sorry did I say that out loud.Especially ones that haven’t been bought over by multi-nationals and turned into clones of every other wipe clean surface in the world.  The Barony is a belter and well worth a visit.

Inhale 1 2 3 Hmmmmn you can just imagine that lager slipping down yer throat.

Ah yes many a happy evening, night, day, afternoon has been wiled away in this establishment. On ye go – you know you want to.

  • Bob Smith

    Could we make a rival to the Cerne Abbas Giant in Dorset on Arthur's Seat? – well it's a start anyway!

  • Bob Smith

    I have quite used to frequenting the various coffee shops now that I have retired – as I said to James when he was up in Edinburgh recently, I have managed to miss this one – so I will call in the next time I visit Crombie's for theeir excellent pies!

  • very funny what a view