Love me love my Plum. A dog, an Aberdonian & a foot.

Went off to  have a bar supper at The Potarch Hotel in Deeside the other night after which Tracy and I went back to hers, opened a bottle of wine and lounged about on the couch speaking rubbish.

Tracy grappling Plum

As we swigged, one member of the household was determined to prove herself to be not only the cutest but the bravest dog on the planet.

As you can see from this wee clip below the hairy rumbling cheeky wee chopper isn’t backwards at coming forwards and she has now been nominated for the Guinness Book of World Records as the dog least likely to die if trapped in a mine shaft which has been flooded with poisonous gas.

No mean feat. Or should I say feet. All will become clear.

Of course you want one. Just so you know that gorgeous wee thing  is a Sporting Lucas Terrier – and the sweetest, most roly poly, delicious, curly bob you have ever had the joy to snuggle up to. Everytime I leave I secrete her under my coat and Tracy spots me before I make good my escpae.
Ah yes escaping the rigours of home and enjoying myself with an old (with the emphasis on old these days) friend. Does you the power of good no doubt about it until the next day obviously when rolling around drinking wine and laughing at dogs is not quite as funny.


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  • beth

    that wee doggie i want one !!!!!!!!

  • martin forbes

    still enjouing webpages alison keep it up when you were at northsound how did you get on with damien mcleod Robin galloway the late bruce kennedy kenny hutchison gary stein dave macleod steve aggasild. Of course damien not at nsound 2 anymore because of cutbacks most of it networking from glasgow and dundee. Dont know if you watch clips on youtube but there has just been added from 29th december 1987 grampian in vision continuity from margaret donald. Did you meet her. tribute site to grampian is back online not live yet but worth alook for atribute site.

  • Tracy

    I will treasure this clip forever!