The Kelpies sculptor work has been in our gaff for 10 years – until today!




Its amazing the things you find or forget about. 10 years ago when we were designing and building the interior of Howies in Aberdeen we commissioned 3 pieces of cast iron work from a little known Scottish sculptor. They are stunning pieces of work 2 large screens fixed to the floor to separate off part of our large open plan eating area and a balustrade. They have been there since then, walked past, admired, used every single day. In the day to day business of a restaurant its all about the food, the customer, the service and so we sort of took them for granted. That is until this January when we refurbished the restaurant and a designer remarked on them and it was with eye popping surprise we remembered they are the work of Andy Scott – sculptor of the Three Kelpies. – yes those kelpies!


They are incredibly heavy and stunning in their place – we just got so used to seeing them being part and parcel of our place and thus forgot to see them for what they are. Remarkable.

I expect its like living with George Clooney – after a while you get used to him so you don’t stare at him all day and all night.

In order to open up our space we had to move the screens so with a selection of strapping young men we did. So the screens are now wrapped in swaddling clothes and appearing in Edinburgh today for the Bonhams, Scottish Sale. Lots 540 and 541. Pop in and see them if you are in Edinburgh – otherwise have a look online…..

Here’s the catalogue   amongst some of the best art in the country – they find their rightful place.

So …..see you there?

And most importantly of all don’t forget – how easy it is not to see the wood for the trees.


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