Online World Wide Webbing Column as of next Tuesday.

clipping copySo Edinburgh Now as in the printed medium you see above is no longer. Newspapers and printed media are changing by the day. Emphasis on printed, emphasis online. It’s a hard call. So although the printed page won’t be dropping through your letterbox or falling out of your Daily Record every Wednesday we are moving to a bigger platform. That of the world wide web. Kapow.

Of course this also means I will be covering lots of different topics not just ones that are specific to Edinburgh. So if there is something you would like to draw my attention to – please do. Either by email or leave a comment at the bottom of this post.

On a Tuesday my chubby mug will be on the Daily Record homepage and from there you can click through to all the nonsense.

In addition I will also be updating this blog on a regular basis so once will lead to the other and perfect harmony will ensue. Ok ok I’m waffling but  that’s what happens when you got out for a quick glass of wine and appopros of nothing everyone runs amock. Love it.
Off for some Berocca and a lie down.

Chin up (or in my case chins)

Alison x


Writer & broadcaster.

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