Currying favour in Edinburgh.

I love food. This is no big revelation but it is a fact. I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about it. Fact. So when you end up in a restaurant which knocks your taste buds into next week with joy it is only fair to write all about it. So here goes….

Indian food. First first foray was the dreaded school version of stringy aged chicken in a Vesta sauce, not an auspicious start. Shortly after that my Mum jumped on the bandwagon and in all fairness to Mrs Craig she produced a very nice curry which was slightly overshadowed by the compulsory side orders of tinned mandarins, desiccated coconut, sliced banana and raisins. For years I assumed was the norm until the day I visited my first Indian restaurant in Glasgow. The day a life long love of Indian food was born.

Seldom a week goes by when I have not indulged in a curry. I cook them, buy them, dream about them.

So what about Kebabish in Dalry Road, Edinburgh then? Now I love a kebab but the thought of a doner kebab rarely sets my heather on fire – unless it’s 2am and the sight and waft of that vast turning lamb chunk catches my hooter as I wander past the open door of the local kebab shop.

A quick look at the website to confirm the location and a flashing image said ‘Cook now for Christmas 2012’ and welcome to the latest in the Kebabish Original chain which hardly filled us with joy. Like it or not the word ‘chain’ has connotations of mass produced, heartless, production line grub. So….

The second we got there it became apparent why their website is out of date. They’re too busy to change it. Our party of 9 adults and 5 kids rolled up early on Friday evening and the place was already heaving. Large tables, packed with Indian families all tucking into what looked like delicious food. They have no license so you BYOB – we obliged with wine and beer. And be still my Aberdonian heart. No corkage charge.

Smelling salts for Ms Craig.

We ordered a selection of starters and main courses and all shared the lot. I won’t go into specifics other than to say this was superlative Indian food without glow in the dark additives and colours. The flavours were wonderful a mix of subtle herbs, spices, chilli kicks and fresh vegetables. Chicken, lamb and beef that that melted in the mouth. No horse. And naan bread that received gasps when it arrived. It practically had to be tethered to the table it was so light, perfect crispy and fabulous. In fact I was so excited I didn’t take any photos of the food so all of these are from their website except this one which was taken when we got home. My depressed and incredulous dog sitting staring at a bowl of dried dogfood when I had promised her a doggy bag before we went. As you can see she was not amused. And as you can tell I couldn’t give a monkeys. Slurp.

So all I can think about is when I will go back. What excuse I need. Well blow me if it isn’t blawin’ a holy out there today! It’s freezing so I am on my way back….now. See you there….

Kebabish Original

Dalry Road
0131 337 3371


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