I Love Luci & Donkeys!

Now if you’re anything like me – well firstly,  sorry to hear that – how the hell are you?

Secondly, that probably means you like to be on the ball, upfront, first in the queue, finger on the pulse and all other cliched nonsense which suggests you need to hear about this new Scottish film….DONKEYS.

It was debuted at the Edinburgh International Film Festival this year to a rapturous reception and is being released round Scotland Glasgow starts first 29th October at Cineworld. Then Edinburgh Filmhouse 1-4 Nov. with a Q&A on 1st. You’ll get all details if you go  the facebook page and click like it’s our film industry. Scotland! Please support it.

James Cosmo cheeky , cuddly chap plays Alfred the main man who is ecccentric, self-centred and loveable – I think we all know someone like that. I mean apart from James Cosmo smarty pants.

Come to mummy - cutie.

The ultimate cutie Martin Compston plays Stevie a character both tender and tough – a fatal combination for us girls let’s be frank, no let’s let frank be frank.  You be you. And I’ll be me.

Anyway digressing as usual…the essence of this post is support Scottish Film. These guys are talented, the film is brilliant so  have a wee look – funny as hell and sad as hell. Oh and when you go to see Donkeys you also get another Scottish film into the bargain. I Love Luci is an award-winning short film by Colin Kennedy and produced by the same company that made Donkeys. The trailer for that is underneath this one….

And here’s the I Love Luci trailer too…don’t say I’m not good to you


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