The Edinburgh International Festival offer young groovers VIP party access.

Ready, steady, thespian!

Are your loins girded? It’s about to kick off again. Edinburgh at this time of year is a joy a palpable melting pot of mental. Victorian costumes, daft acrobats bursting off your local lampost, strange chanting into wooden pan pipes, thesps abound on every street, aye aye it’s August. Nearly there.

The dogs making a run for it.

If you’re a young cultured type of person firstly what are you doing reading this horseshit?  Don’t go –  just joking – hopefully the answer will put a smile on your face. If you are in your 20’s and 30’s  The Edinburgh International Festival – the one that attracts your cultural type vultures has got together with The Skinny and for £20 is giving you the opportunity to get up close and personal with the Festival. Attend rehersals, previews, meet  performers,  VIP tickets to parties, get your hands on cheap and in some cases free tickets. It’s a great deal have a look at and if it doesn’t appeal to you then it will be someone you know. It really is a cracking plan.

I, on the other hand,  the low brow one,  will be propping  up bars watching tourists and comedians at the Fringe. Often the inebriated tourist is more amusing thanthe budding professional but there is nothing  love better than settling down with a pint, my pal Dynamite and  hunting the dodgy bars and clubs to find the elusive new comedian to bump my gums about. So do leave your tips as to who not to waste your hard earned cash on and who not miss right here on this page and I will happily spread the word.

Oh and rememebr Twitter – if you click on to follow alisonsdiary I will follow you too  and we can keep each othe right up to date with what to see, what not to see and most crucially of all where to get a free pint!


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