The Scran & Scallie – nae cheap for a swally.



Tom Kitchin the corkscrew curly headed Michelin chef with a lovely smile, a charming enthusiasm for all things food and an increasing brood of children as well as restaurants has just opened The Scran & Scallie in Edinburgh’s Stockbridge.


The Scran & Scallie touted simply as a ‘pub’ slid quickly into the iconic San Marco site in Stockbridge seamlessly opening on Easter weekend.  Opposite the soon to be revamped  Raeburn Hotel and round the corner from the new  Edinburgh Accies rugby ground and clubhouse this will bring lots of new faces and their purses to the area. A good thing as there was a point when Stockbridge consisted of a series of charity shops which was fine for daylight hours but after that well……things got a little quiet. But this is just the latest in along line of foodie delights in Raeburn Place. This should be good news for all the other businesses in the area. So what’s it like?

How much for a burger?
How much for a burger?

At £7.50 for a bog standard small glass of wine – not cheap. Well in fact if you consider you can get a bottle of wine for less than that then it’s darn expensive for a swally. Never mind a scallie.

So what about the food?

The food is good.

No the food is better than good. It is very good indeed.

I was just surprised at their price point. With the word pub, the expectation was of something accessible and family orientated where a chip for him, a pie for her and a half pint  for the old bird – that’s me obviously – would be on the cards for less than a Kings ransom is somewhat misguided. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great place but its’ not a day to day pop in every other day for a wee snack type place which in my old fashioned head is what a local is all about.

Let me elaborate. There is one menu from running all day so prices which you feel are not bad for dinner are also applicable at lunch which is a different thing altogether.  An example was the monkfish tail which was served on the bone and honestly delicious but at £18 that didn’t include vegetables of potatoes so you are instantly coerced into spending another fiver at least so it all adds up. Also the burger and chips was £18 – smelling salts for Miss Craig. OK maybe I am being too Aberdonian about it but if you do fancy something less expensive at lunchtime there are lots of places to choose from and you could do a lot worse than The Bailie, Buffalo Grill, Lancers, Hamiltons or Hectors, Bells Diner which are all within a 3 minutes shuffle from here. Of course people will come and eat and love it but as for the locals well its more of a special occasion destination in my book. Still opening a business in this climate is a sign of optimism and a new local business is aye a welcome thing. I wish them every success.

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Raeburn Hotel – @Raeburn

Edinburgh Accies @EdinburghAccies

Tom Kitchin @TomKitchin

Bailie Bar – @Bailie_Bar


The Scran and Scallie
1 Comely Bank Road,
Telephone 0131 332 6281

Here’s the menu cut and pasted from The Scran & Scallie website. Minus prices.

Yer starters

Sheip’s heid scotch broth
Chicken liver parfait, toast & pickled cabbage Roasted bone marrow, shallot & parsley
Crab claws, lemon & chive mayonnaise British snails & snail butter
Oysters, 6
Oysters, 12
Tripe & ox tongue
Smoked salmon & rye bread

Yer mains

Grilled monkfish tail, garlic & herbs
The Scran & Scallie’s Wagyu burger & chips Haddock, chips & chunky tartare sauce Hake, artichoke barigole & black olive
Calf’s liver, spinach & shallot marmalade The Scran & Scallie’s fish pie
Duck leg confit & red pepper piperade Braised hogget shoulder, peas & lettuce
Rib eye steak, béarnaise sauce & chips Chicken breast, coco beans & basil butter

Yer Puddin’s

“Yo’ can nibble awa at the puddin’ at yer leisure…”

Blood orange jelly & ice cream
Crumble of the day
Alison Jack’s syrup sponge
Warm chocolate chip cookie & hot fudge sauce Rhubarb & orange fool

A selection of British cheese

Nae meat, nae fish

Green spelt salad
Warm leek confit vinaigrette Tomato, avocado & mozzarella Pearl barley, pea & lettuce risotto Braised artichoke with coco beans Cauliflower cheese

Bits ‘n’ bobs

French beans & shallots Buttered heritage potatoes Broccoli
ChipsCauliflower cheese

Braised cabbage & bacon Roasted celeriac & lemon confit Mini roasted chorizo potatoes

Yer salads

Green spelt salad
Mixed salad leaves
Beetroot salad
Lentil & butternut squash salad

Bar scran

1/2 pint of prawns, garlic mayo Crispy pigs ears pork scratching Oysters, 6
Oysters, 12

Homemade spiced nuts Pork pie & chutney



“Aifter that there’s naething but coffee, a wee dram an’ lurk in the bar….”


  • Peter

    Great article, Yeah £14 for haddock and a couple of chips is a bit pricey.Triple the price of Jekyll and Hyde in Hanover Street.