Italian Vogue use ‘plus-size’ models on their cover.

I felt my spleen inflate and knew it needed a good vent when I read this article in The Daily Mail which consisted of the usual nonsense about larger models being used on the cover of a magazine. In this particular case it’s Italian Vogue. God knows they look fabulous these women – well they are – but we are not stupid e nough to think for a moment this is truly high fashion embracing normal sized woman. It is a blatant PR campaign and we have heard it all before.

The very fact they call these women ‘plus size’ shows the attitude still stinks. They are not plus size they are bleedin’ normal sized. Really. The idea of this being a campaign to highlight anorexia cuts no mustard with me.

Years ago I interviewed Liz Jones who writes for The Daily Mail but at that time was editor of a big glossy magazine. What she did was printed the same magazine but with two different covers. One with Sophie Dahl who was the only plus size model any of could name – still is really – and the other cover was of a skinny model of the size zero proprtion. Liz Jones, as editor,  said the reasoning behind it was to monitor sales so they could tell which cover was most popular. Well it all went quiet after they got their blaze of publicity and the next month it was back to the size zero gals with the whole thing forgotten. To the extent that last time a ‘plus size’ model was featured on the cover of Vogue it was Sophie Dahl who has now lost heaps of weight and is right back into the zone of supermodel thin.  You can see the extremes of how her appearance has changed below. yes they are both the same woman.

So for fear of sounding like a grumpy old woman – hell I am a grumpy old size 12/14 woman and I am not plus size Vogue….I am not buying your magazine God knows my fat hurdies could barely get me to the shop. BUT If next month they still feature ‘normal’ sized women I will take out a lifelong subscription and then I shall eat my hat. I will! And I will post it on You tube. BUT I suspect that won’t be happening as they will revert to normal bet ya!

  • Alison Craig

    That anti-barbie doll in your link is classic. Thanks for taking the time to respond. Your comments did make me larf. You are right about the bum size of the singular buttock – I would boycott the fashion world if I shopped there but I don’t. I am a low maintenance, low spending Florence & Fred, H&M, Wallis kind of ample bottomed person So I will rant & rave whilst eating Tunnocks Caramel wafers and take solace in the fact from what you say  men also feel marginalised and short changed by the fashionistas  as well so we are far from alone.

  • Ron

    If a shoe maker only produced and sold women’s shoes in sizes 8, 9 and 10, they’d soon go out of business because the main part of the market would be untouched. They stay in business by meeting the demand and making available what the consumer wants.  Similarly, if fashion shops only stock dresses “up to a size 14” they’d have to close if this meant they weren’t able to sell enough to make a profit.  So this can only mean that there are plenty of people “up to a size 14” buying from them.

    I used to be a slender and stylish clothes horse once upon a time but in recent years I’ve turned into a tall and wide bloke, and nothing ever fits right for me either. I’m often puzzled by “regular” sizes for men’s clothes.  Take trousers for example.  Who are these people with enormously wide waists and legs the length of an eight year old child?  Or, choosing a “long” fitting, with the right leg length, why do you then have to have a tiny waist and a bum size equivalent to just one buttock?

    Try this for “size”

  • Alison @alisonsdiary

    I know it’s a bloody outrage. ALSO these women are all in their knickers what about dressing them in clothes? Of that’s right the designers don’t make clothes our bloeedin’ size! Furious. and Ranting.

  • Elaine/@Freesia13

    Only time I’ve ever made an ‘Outraged of Dundee’ phone call was after seeing an item on This Morning about clothes going “all the way up to a size 14”.