Ep. 3. What’s The Chat? Podcast Alison Craig and John Wood.

Ep. 3. What’s The Chat?  Podcast Alison Craig and John Wood.

This week we talk about embarrassing encounters with Phil Collins, Take That,  Mickey Rourke, Denis Law,   kicking Donny Osmond in the leg, standing Harrison Ford up, and we find out once and for all why Johns film debut ended up on the cutting room floor when I surprise John by calling Film Producer Catherine Aitken live.  

3 episodes in and things are moving on.  We have a new toy which allows us to have live guests and we’re digging out some classic clips to play out too.

With 30 years of history John and Alison have too many stories and not enough time to tell them and as ever listeners suggestions and responses have been wonderful. Thank you.
We really appreciate it.

The grapevine is doing it’s thing as old and new friends alike are finding What’s The Chat ? and joining in. We did reconnect with quite a number of listeners from our previous incarnation as The Zoo Crew on a  wonderful Facebook group called Lost Edinburgh. 
It’s a great page which we highly recommend if you have an interest in or a history of any sort with Scotlands beautiful capital City.  It’s like a  virtual hug of friendship and loveliness. If you haven’t yet joined then here’s the link, have a look we’re sure you will love it. 
But it’s all about you, we love to hear from you.
What did you enjoy?
What did you dislike?
What would you like us to cover next time?

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Photos, clips and video we refer to will be posted here and there.

Some of our topics this week include…
This is us, 1917, Judy/Rene , Calcutta Cup, middle aged men in Lycra, Johns Boil (sorry about this) Bonanza, High Chaparal, Donny Osmond on live TV,  John losing it in front of Denis Law,  appalling behaviour in Phil Collins house,  Micky O’rourke, Harrison Ford, Take That and much much more. 


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