The Zoo Crew older and none the wiser launch podcast.

The Zoo Crew older and none the wiser launch podcast.

Many eons ago when the world was a better, greener nicer place I used to sit in a radio studio with my old pal John Wood and speak shit for several hours a week. We were paid for this, it was called The Zoo Crew and WE LOVED IT.

We stopped whilst at the top of our game. John was going to Australia for a year and I was having a baby. 26 years ago. Yes we are that old. In fact older.

The years of The Zoo Crew we would broadcast on a Friday drive time and Sunday Morning and what a bloody laugh we had. So much so that John and I became firm friends and from that day to this are likely to be seen sloping round bars and restaurants in Central Scotland speaking nonsense.

Lockdown put a stop to that sort of behaviour and so driven by a sense of desolation and loneliness without a beer tap in sight we have gravitated to the podcast zone. With the collective technical aptitude of a dung heap it is an amazing feat that we have managed to record something and get it out there. So here it is.

Episode 1 is live and gibbering, and as time goes on we will ask any number of guests on to join us for a bit of fun, whether they say yes or not remains to be seen. A mainstay of the show as it was all those eons ago was you, the listener. Celebs came and went but the real gold we mined on that show were the stories of every day life from those listeners who joined in the chat. We hope Whats The chat? will develop into that sort of podcast, technically it may take John another20 years to learn how to answer a phone but he’s willing , if not in any sense of the word able.

Email us to get involved.

The first one discusses a lot of deep issues including Johns’ plastic Beatles wig, Boris Johnson, Bill Hicks, David Bowie, going bald and Johns mother. It’s a rip snorting ride….aka an average listen and if we get it together it will a weekly blast from the past.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for listening.


Writer & broadcaster.

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