Doris, Dolly & The Dressing Room Divas at Christmas!

Doris, Dolly & The Dressing Room Divas at Christmas!

As Winter blows in,  the skirts blow up in this bright, ballsy, brassy, brilliant, June is Bustin’ out all Over Bonanza of a show. Doris & Dolly & The Dressing Room Divas at Christmas.

So whip off your dressing gown and get ready for a rollicking night out – and thanks to the Gilded Balloon I have two tickets to give away for this –  read on MacDuff.


Gail Watson channeling Julie Andrews had us in hysterics. Copyright Andrew Perry.

As a hibernator I admit when the dark, wind, rain and inky black nights kick in, the fire is on, the dent in the sofa is crooning to me and the inevitable Netflix boxset is streaming it takes a Herculean effort to man up, sock up, rug up, hat on  and lunge out into the night but last Wednesday I was cajoled out the door by Ms Dynamite Di to see Doris, Dolly and The Dressing Room Divas.

We had a quick mulled wine in the bar before  the curtain went up at The Rose Street Theatre, Edinburgh. We already felt cheered, actually seeing friends not just whatsapping them, hearing their nonsense and filing in to the auditorium it was clear for many this was the second or third time they had seen the show. Surely the best recommendation.

If you are a Fringe fan you may well have seen the show and if not  you will almost certainly have heard of it –  a 5 star total sellout –  but why should such tip top entertainment be restricted to 3 weeks in August when this time of year is exactly when we need such escapism?  Which is exactly what Karen Koren thought knowing this show cannot fail to put a smile on the face of us thermal underwear clad Edinburghers.

From the moment it starts a grin was fixed on my chops, as the cast flit between Doris Day, Dolly Parton, Liza Minelli, Judy Garland, Julie Andrews and more –  they were loving it too as was the piano player also smiling broadly as she accompanies the 3 girls on stage.  Singing, dancing, chatting, delivering fascinating snippets  about the  formative lives and backstage shenanigans of these world wide musical icons past and present. 

As they belted out the harmonies, we  joined in with the stand up and clap and sing and damn near bust with joy feeling as they careered through the Diva’s careers ups and downs. 

Moving, funny, engaging – a total homage to these feminists who were just that before the term was even coined. Wow. Take your Mum, Dad, friend, dog, husband, stranger, grumpy work colleague  and make their day.

And the great news is I have two tickets to give away for this Friday’s performance.

30th November – St Andrews Day. 7pm Rose Street Theatre, Edinburgh.

To enter just answer this question: 

When asked “Who Does Your Hair?”which one of our Divas replied “ I don’t know I’m never there”

Email your answer to  

Entries in by Wednesday 28th mid-day.

I will announce winner on the blog on Thursday.

Good luck!


“Hilarious and heartbreaking, with a soundtrack to die for!”
Graham Norton
“Witty, impressive, rapturous”
Glasgow Herald


Writer & broadcaster.

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