Big news from Planet Craig – the pitter patter of tiny paws.

Big news from Planet Craig – the pitter patter of tiny paws.

The love of a good sausage is something that is hard to put into words until you’ve been there yourself. The low slung, wagging loofahs officially known as Dachshunds are dogs to be reckoned with. 4 years ago Charlie Chorizo came into our lives. A tiny chap who great to a mighty 8kg he has literally changed our lives. It sounds ridiculous but its’ true.
Long suffering husband “I dont want a small dog” now carries him round the house whispering sweet nothings in his ear – it used to be me – but do I mind? No I wait my turn and I spoon into his wee sausage body on the couch and adore him too.

Suspicious eyeball and for good reason….

How one hairy ferret has turned our world upside down I cannot begin to describe but so important  is this galoot  to us that we are reluctant to leave him on his own – they do love people, other dogs and if you are a hello sausage keeper you will be aware many suffer from separation anxiety.  (At this point I will pause for one of two possible reactions from your good self.  1. For Gods sake she’s lost the plot I’m not reading anymore of this crap or 2. awww the poor little sausages, what do you do to mitigate that? Personally I would have been in the “she has lost the plot” camp  until I got bit -not  literally, metaphorically by the sausage bug.

“She can’t fly I get to go on holiday Whoopee!”  Charlie Chorizo Only Child 2017

So I can’t fly – long boring story which I will tell one day but not here – and so in order to get anywhere the long suffering husband and I have to drive,  sail, walk, hitch, train and we just take bloody ages to get anywhere. We are used to it now which is why the sausage is a pet passport holder and a rabies innoculation receiver. But in all honesty we want o go further afield? Despite appearances I’m not so old as to want to slump into a bathchair with a bottle of gin and watch Last of The Summer Wine on UK Gold on a loop  – well not all the time anyway. So the only logical conclusion seemed to be get another one.

So we hummed and hawed. Dithered and wittered and finally we have taken the plunge.

The 100% commitment plunge of getting another sausage baby.

A chipolata – a wee willie winkie (Scottish reference apologise to all those with small peni it’s not all about you) so Charlie Chorizo our first and most magnificent of dashing hounds is having a sister.  
A real sister.

2kg of sausage love. A tiny little teeny minuscule  heart breaker on 4 paws.
Charlies little sister – or twin?


Yes this angelic wee hairy face belongs to Twiglet.

So here she is, a little mini wire haired dachshund puppy. Same dad. Different Mum. Her Mum is a beautiful gentle delight called Rapunzel and well we know her Dad, Charlies Dad, the handsome and bold Kipper. 

The long suffering husband and I collect her on November 10th and I wanted to let you see the first photos because she is an open mouthed moan of delight .

She weighs 2 kg – he is nearly 8kg so she is literally like one triangle of chocolate but he is the whole Toblerone.

I am currently googling best way to introduce a new pup to a well established pack – run by a hairy galoot in our case Charlie….I will report back….




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