Nicole Kidman gets it in the wrinkle free neck.

Photo courtesy of The Daily Mail
Photo courtesy of The Daily Mail

You know we can’t win. Us women.

I read in the papers yesterday Nicole Kidman had a “a puffy look and an eyebrow shape that goes up which proves she uses botox”.

So what would you do if you were in the glare of the public eye every day and night?


Shuffle about in your baffies, droopy trackie bottoms and no slap?

No me neither.

We pay through the nose to see these people up on the big screen and we want them to look untouchable, beautiful, flawless, unreal.

So when they park their better judgement and start to believe themselves that the be all and end all of life itself if how lined your face looks who should we blame? Them or us?


Imagine the poison that would spill out of commentators mouths if she did turn up  looking like the average 48 year old knackered, grumpy with crows feet and a burgeoning pot belly.

Would the headline be “Bravo Nicole – au naturelle is the way to go”


“Kidman goes to seed, stress of marriage shows on droopy wrinkly face.?”


Exactly. Either way it’s a no win.


So whatever she wants to look like.

Puffy, thin or glamorous it’s her job.

And she gets paid well for it.

Live and let live.


Writer & broadcaster.

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