Salmond chanted evening.

Milk. Dairy. Soya, Almond. Rice. Confusing isn’t it?
Decided to lay off dairy because I like a bandwagon to jump on and was told hormones abound in dairy so I ditched it as I have enough hormones of my own thanks – ask my long suffering husband he will agree.
So first off I started guzzling soya milk then was told soya not good for me so this week shuffling round the supermarket wearing my usual glazed expression I spotted a new one on me, almond milk. So I bought it.

The second I arrive home or put something edible in the fridge there is a trip wire of ESP that alerts Teenwolf to the fact and he instantly swoops in for a good look at what is available for him to shovel into his ever hungry belly next.

After rustling through a few packets of this and that he plucked the carton up into his hairy paw.
‘Mum what’s this?’
‘ Almond milk.’
‘Almond milk?? Who milks almonds?’
‘Milks Salmond? I said ‘Alex Salmond?
‘Yeh who milks Alex Salmond?’
‘A good question. It’s been years since I milked The First Minister’
Our eyes met.
What nonsense.
We collapsed into gales of helpless laughter.

You can see how confusion might arise.
It was a surreal conversation. Amusing but surreal. Not sure I can handle seeing Alex on TV now we have had such a personal encounter.
Am off for a cup of tea – black. No milk thanks.


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