Findhorn Foundation 50th Anniversary on The One Show

Have you heard of The Findhorn Foundation in Morayshire, north of Scotland? Well I had heard of it a few years ago when I did a documentary on The Waterboys for the BBC as Mike Scott, the lead singer, lived at The Foundation for some time and even recorded an album there in the hall pictured above. But it was not until now did I get an opportunity to visit.

Been a bit crook for the past few months so it was with great gusto I went back to work and what a joy it was too.

Delighted to be back working with The One Show they sent the crew and I off to The Findhorn Foundation to hear all about their 50th birthday celebrations.

Findhorn is one of these places in Scotland which has almost mythical status. A lot of people have heard of it but  many are not too sure exactly what its all about -myself included. So wrapped thermally from top to toe for the North of Scotland off we went.

Well what a place.

It is in a beautiful setting and when you see the scale of the settlement its hard to imagine it started with one woman, Eileen Caddys vision, and a couple of caravans. It is now a thriving community with hundreds of people living and working within it generating literally millions for the local economy. The houses are all different shapes and sizes and as you can see above eclectic in their design but all sharing eco-friendly principles.

The whole place has a very tranquil atmosphere and yet the place is buzzing with people of all ages living and working side by side with similar goals  and ethos for sustainable, eco-friendly living.

When they first started in 1962 it was regarded with suspicion by outsiders with rumours abounding of it being a wild sex, drugs and rock and roll culture wrapped up as ‘some way-out new age hippy nonsense’ but rolling forward  since then it has proved its principles to be more than sound to the extent they are now official training provider for the UN teaching the wider world about their philosophy on life.  So from humble beginnings comes a rather remarkable tale.

So if you tune into The One Show tonight you will get  a flavour and some insight into an alternative way to live.


The One Show 7pm or catch it on the iplayer at your leisure.


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