You’d be Cuckoo not to love this new bakery.

Edinburgh is packed with great places to eat and drink, so as locals we are seriously spoilt for choice. Given the current climate it takes someone with cajones to open a new venture but Graham Savage has done just that. A theatre marketing guru from London his dream was aye to open his own cafe/bakery and after meticulous planning the doors of his enture Cuckoo’s Bakery opened on 14th Febuary this year. Appropriately Valentines Day as I am sure you will love this place.

Barely 4 weeks since he opened his doors at the foot of Dundas Street already the buzz from the locals reached my cranium flaps so went off on a moody cold Sunday to have a nose.

A light, tranquil space the branding and design is impeccable. Every detail has been thoroughly thuoght out from the personally designed crockery depicting scenes redolent of Edinburgh life – the rail bridge, the dreaded parking meters, the one c’clock gun. The crockery has got folk all in a flap as they all want to buy it – so after only 4 weeks of being open they have decided to stock and sell it. What a great non cheesy souvenir from Scotland’s Capital.


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