Too much drama is far from ‘armless.

Lordy. Popped into the hospital with Teenwolf to have his broken arm checked on Tuesday (2 weeks after he broke it)  only to be told his arm wasn’t in the right place so he had to have an operation on Thursday. Gulp. General anxiety kicked in though it was covered by the overly robust smiling and saying ‘och you’ll be fine’.

Cut to Thursday his rugby team – the team that he was playing for when his arm got splootered  -were playing the semi-final of the under 18 Scottish Cup. The kick off was at 2pm the exact moment  Teenwolf was being wheeled off into theatre.   The irony was not lost on me.

Two hours later. I am in scrubs – photo to follow – the nurse that was looking after him called  Jenny was an angel – a real live halo intact smiling, gentle angel and when she realised he had just turned 17 and saw the worry in my eyeball  she said ‘put these on’ so green trousers, green top on and   complete with rubberised clog I’ll have you know – I was permitted into the ward to sit with him.

As he lay there looking 10, deeply  asleep my motherly instincts to cuddle him were about to  prove t0o much to fight when his eyes opened and he turned slowly, saw me, smiled and asked ‘Whats the score?’

Lord you can’t keep an obsessed rugby player down. When I told him. 36 – 3 to his team – I think he thought he was still unconscious – as I did – but I nipped my leg then his and no  we were awake. So the result was an absolute beezer as was the result of Louis op. His arm is going to great. It will stay wrapped in a huge firm plaster of paris plaster for another couple of months but then he will be fine.

So the final is looming.  Watsons V EA  Teenwolf  will sit at the side of the pitch next week as his rugby team EA take to the pitch at Murrayfield to win ( positive thinking) the under 18 Scottish Rugby Cup. The loudest voice in the place will be coming from the lad with the broken arm and his red faced parents.

On a serious note the orthopaedic dept at ERI were outstanding at every point. Have faith in the NHS. It is a massive machine but it works like a well oiled Aston Martin. So as all around is falling apart we can surely count on that. Thank God (well I would if I believed in him) so thank dog – my cherished hairy 4 legged pals.


And exhale.


Writer & broadcaster.

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