BBC Kitchen Cafe – Currys favour.

I was delighted to be invited onto BBC Scotlands Kitchen Cafe this week.

The show is broadcast weekly from Inverness and deals with all things foodie.

This weeks episode was all about authentic Indian food how delicious it is and bemoaning why some of it glows in the dark?

Tony Singh of Oloroso was on as was Aktar Islam from The Great British Menu.

Donald from the Edinburgh branch of The Slow Food Movement was on too. I love the whole idea of The Slow food Movement you should check out their website if you have a momen. It’s all about eating things you know come from your local area. Sort of shop local but also realising that it may take longer to gather your goodies but you are supporting the local producers and retailers as well as indulging in some top quality grub.

The delightful Mary Contini from the stupendous Italian deli Valvona & Crolla was on too. I love Mary. I did a food program on STV a few years ago in fact she was my first ever guest. We hit it off immediately and I have been a major fan of her delicious food ever since. On the show she gave us the recipe of lamb cutlets in breadcrumbs which you can get on The Kitchen Café website – simple but effective. Great one for tea tonight.


So that was my morning, sitting in a studio talking about food. My afternoon? Well I was starving by then so mainly eating to be frank.  Regards,  Frank x

You can listen to the show online for a week after broadcast and of course get the podcast of Marys recipe too.

and finally…………

Twitterers if you like to follow foodies then go go go to @bbcKitchenCafe @aktarislam @Oloroso_Edin @slowfooduk  and me too @alisonsdiary


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