Technological break through or breakdown

Testing testing 123 I have been a bad lazy blogger. Why? Well – have been having a love in with my Blackberry. Yes I – the hypocrite who bemoaned the inevitability of getting one and swearing my life long allegiance to a Sony Eriksson or some other lesser technological being am now well and truly hooked. So much so I now spend considerably less time rooted to a chair in the studio. Now I stride the streets of edinburgh googling, twittering and emailing. What a pillock tis true but this is me now breaking my Blackberry blogging cherry. Can I update it whislt lying on the couch as the long suffering husband jubilates as Andy Murray wins through to the last 4 in the US Open and I wonder why he doesn’t get sponsored by someone who would let him wear a shirt that didn’t look like an Aberdeen FC club shirt. Oh and will someone please feed annabel croft?
Ok let’s see if it works then…..

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