School uniform or the rent? They cost about the same.

The day before school goes back despite the fact Teenwolf is going into 5th year  and I should be more organised by now, we spent the afternoon in the shop looking for school trousers and the dreaded blazer. I went to the uniform exchange before the summer holidays but all the blazers there  look like someone had rolled them in dung, stuffed the pockets with rocks, chewing gum  and frogs  before making a large casting dog sleep on them for 6 months – just like Teenwolfs in other words so I didn’t bother. I bit the bullet – well the credit card and bought a new one.

The usual debacle in the shop. I was keen to buy him one big enough that even if he turns into Giant Haystacks  he wont grow out of it. On ther hand he  wanted  a body skimming, skin tight bomber jacket sort of effect, We compromised. I was paying so he did what he was told. For a change.

Then it was trouser world. Off to M&S  that wasn’t too painful but what was painful  was when I clocked the jeans he was wearing. They stopped at his ankles. His legs have grown another 2 “ in about 2 weeks so I said OK  I will have to  get you a pair of jeans but cheap and cheerful ones OK?

He grinned. OK.

Topshop was the venue. After baggy, thin, slim, skim and 50 other permutations were tried on an left bereft he got a pair. At the checkout the assistant asked ‘wouldd you like the hanger?’  I grinned ‘ no but if you have a square of carpet for him to fling them in a heap onto,  that would be good’

He had the good grace to smile.

Well I had been hoodwinked again. School uniform shopping and he comes back groovily trousered. I never learn.


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