Oval balls are all around – there is no escape.

The rugby world cup has started and my life has changed. Its Teenwolfs first match for the first XV this morning and we’re on our way up the M90 to see it having already watched Scotland V Romania on tape at 8am. Long suffering husband is driving and listening to England V Argentina. I am blogging in the speeding car.
Its pouring, I have been warned not to utter a word from the sidelines such as “back off you big bully touch my boy and I will break your face”. I expect to end up in the car hyper ventilating as the ground moves when they thunder past and I just close my eyes anyway.. Big meaty men and my son. When Lamont got squished a few years ago I cried. When Evans was stretchered off I snottered so it is a general sympathy with extra tear duct action for Louis and his mates. Clenched we are arriving. I must away to do my deep breathing exercises. I will report back.

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