Hector And The Search For Happiness

I have just finished a book called Hector And The Search For Happiness and one of the findings was happiness is gained by spending time with people you care about.

So when the long suffering one asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday this year I said ‘simple, get all the people I don’t see enough of into one room for food and drink.’
This was about 3 days ago so as the email went out I wasn’t sure who would be able to make it.

Well with a few exceptions they could make it. To the tune of 30 folk.
Spent Saturday cooking up a feast and then Sunday eating and drinking it.
What a joy.
Every single one of those people I love dearly and we had a high old time.
Though as David ran of to the offy half way through the afternoon with a ‘Gawd I’d forgotten how much they all drink!’ Lunch started a 1pm and went on til midnight.

So Hector And The Search for Happiness?
Well quite simply –spending time with people you care about and they care about you?
It works.
End of.


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