They’ve made a real dogs dinner of this.

bloodhound Here’s the thing. I love dogs. I do. But even this had me considering the world had gone stark raving mad. Professional catering establishments are now catering for dogs. And I don’t mean a dish of water and a dry biscuit of left over ham bone I mean a menu, a plate and individually prepared dishes. No.

There are part of the world where the expression ‘dog in the restaurant’  means on the menu. But not here. Check this out

A pub in Swaledale now has a doggy dinner menu.

Apparently the dog who walks with the man and then rests in the pub watching the man stuff his face becomes rather disillusioned with the whole relationship and can plummet into a sort of canine depression.As you can see from the picture above. Why the long face? Well now we know.

So a pub down south  has come to the rescue with the following menu.

Looking at a main course of Roast beef with potatoes for a pound I am currently googling ‘lifelike dog costumes for grown women’ So far I have found some very unsavoury sites but I will persevere.

The menu

To start

Meatystrips 10p

Chewsticks 10p


Sunday roast – beef, pork or turkey with potatoes £1

Weekday meat platter £1

Pedigree Schmackos 30p

CrackerJacks 30p


Choc Drops £1

To drink

Beaphar Dog Beer £2.15

The only downside I can see is working out who’s  going to tell a 15 stone Rottweiler it’s closing time?Not me!



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