The Fringe & Festival 2011 kick off -help!

Ah the whiff of face paint is in the air. Publicans and restaurants in Edinburgh are getting hysterical as they make more money this month than most other months put together as performers and artists that invade the city for The Edinburgh Fringe & International Festival gather.

The Udderbelly

My liver is atwitching as the launch parties are all happening this week. The Underbelly, Assembly, Gilded Balloon and of course the official start of The Fringe is not a comedy promoter or arts related company it is The List party. One you pop into and then someone presses the time machine and you look at your watch and it’s 7 hours later, you’re covered in paint, make-up, beer, sweat having danced, shouted, drunk and just had a bleedin’ hoot. So this year it’s on Thursday and it’s at a brand new venue in Edinburgh The Dick Vet. I beg your pardon?

Expect to see this sort of thing in any of Edinburgh's Parks during the Fringe

No calm down – that was it’s name. Until recently it has been the Vet School in Edinburgh but now it soon to be filled with revellers, bars, arts installations, theatre spaces and some generally fun filled nonsense. Well I reckon we should all head there for a look at the previously academic building and watch it’s transmogrification into it’s new life as a party venue to rival all others.

In fact I was saying to the guys running it go and see Bill Burdett Coutts, Karen Koren and Fraser Smith now as there are loads of rooms they could use next year. I used to think the Dick Vet was miles away but it’s not – it’s just round the corner from The Pear Tree, The Meadows and of course The Udderbelly upside down Purple Cow. So that’s me brokered the deal then online – now who do I see about commission?


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