Teenwolf remembers how to text ye olde homestead.

Yes! Lines of communication are open from South Africa to Scotland.
One text from Teenwolf
‘Woke up to the sound of rain. It’s 12 degrees. Off training again now.’
So from that I gather.
a. He slept
b. It’s raining
c. It’s cold.
It took 24 hours for those words to be texted but you know what?
That’s enough.

When I was that age I went off for a couple of weeks with some friends to Europe and never called my folks once. They seemed calm. I wonder were they?
Before the advent of the mobile there was no contact.
I used to walk about a mile to school when I was 7.
As far as I know Mum never called to check I had got there OK.
If it had been teenwolf at 7, I would have called, in fact I wouldn’t have let him go alone.
So we are the paranoid generation.
Listening and reacting to the most hideous stories covered in the press as if they were every day occurrences. They are not. That’s why they are headline news when they happen. So it’s all about perspective.
And as my friend Jenny who sat next to me at art knew when she saw my picture of a standing man. I drew the head, body and legs but ran out of paper at his knees – so just popped his feet in there. Perspective has never been my strong point.

Off to Wedding 1 today. Have emptied the shop of sausage, bacon, juice and Resolve for us and our friends tomorrow am. So I am attempting a rebuild of my saggy self and need to start now. I will report…..


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