Teenwolf arrives in South Africa, his parents run wild.

Delighted to report Teenwolf has arrived safe and sound in South Africa. I know this because one of the boys texted his mum to say. We are here. Ah well I hope to hear from my one before he comes home in 2 weeks. But I am not holding my breath. Cos that would be silly. I would go blue. And die. The fact is he thinks I still think he is this age – pictured above. In my logical head I know he’s not. I know he is a hairy, muscly sort of bloke these days but much to his horror I will always think of him like that in his russian hat with his cheeky chops. Can you imagine sending your toddler off to South Africa alone? Lordy no. I told you am becoming more neurotic so I am moving along now to the present. Honest.

So with himself in another continent it is time for the long suffering husband and I to revert to pre-baby behaviour? Well I don’t have the capacity nor energy to do that in earnest but we are going to try.

We have two weddings this weekend one tomorrow and one Saturday. Plus some great pals Eddie and Emma coming to stay from Suffolk cos their son is in a production at the Fringe. So…..why do these things all happen at once?

Pacing myself is always a problem and this weekend is going to be a real personal test.

The challenges are as follows:

Going to Wedding 1 and not being the last to leave.

Remembering this phrase ‘ No thank you I have had enough. I will have water’.


Going home to meet up with Eddie and Emma who we haven’t seen for ages and not sitting up til 5am talking and drinking.

Getting up and feeling fresh on Saturday morning.

Looking human and not too podgy from over indulgence to fit into dress.

Go Wedding 2 in East Lothian.

Get back into town to catch up with Eddie and Emma who we will have seen last night but may not remember all the details so do it all over again.


Sunday – get up. At some stage. Maybe.


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