A knight in shining armour spotted on the streets of Edinburgh.

Bloody rain.

Can’t believe it is this bad. Still.


Last night the weather was so bad I took my car about a 1/4mile in the pouring rain and left it paying an displaying until 10am this morning. If you are regular reader of this blog you will know I am not a great sleeper. A great pain in the backside yes but not a great sleeper.  So when I awoke this morning at 9.53am I jumped out of bed and ran like the wind to retrieve it before I was given a ticket.

So as I sloped back to get my car you can imagine the devastation on clocking a ticket under the windscreen. Grrrrr. So angry was I that I just reversed out of the space and crumped right into the side of a guys car.

Reparking I emerged apologising as he examined the side of his car.

‘I am so sorry. Soooooooooo sorry. Bloody woman drivers! That’s what I’m thinking and I’m a woman. What an idiot.’

‘Oh’ he said smiling ‘ it looks fine. It sounded a lot worse than it looks’

At this point I could have hugged him. I mean really. What are the odds of a man behaving like that when you have whacked into his nice red shiny car. (No I don’t know what kind it was ).

‘I will give you my name and address for insurance stuff’ I said guddling around in my car for a pen, which I didn’t have of course. ‘Och I don’t have a pen I can’t find one’ I said gibbering by this stage.

‘Oh don’t worry it really looks fine he said give me your mobile just in case but it looks to me like you can  just forget it’.

Well talk about make my day. What a gent. A knight in shining armour. It restored my faith in the human race.

Can you imagine Jeremy Clarkson – petrol head and curly topped, public school boy full of bluster – in similar circumstances?  I suspect a slightly different reaction. So with a spring in my step and a song in my heart I sloped home to thank my lucky stars.


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