The son has got his hat on – and not a lot else.

Artists impression of how it will look.....WOW...I will report back
The son has got his hat on and is going to a barbeque. Teenwolves love this kind of weather. An opportunity to laze round horizontally looking cool in next to nothing.
The mere whiff of sun cream makes them balk. So I expect a trip to A&E tomorrow with some of them will be on the cards.
The last barbeque someone organised there were 20 boys, 20 girls and a box of crisps. I don’t even think they were barbeque flavour. Ah well as he listens to his loud and tuneless music I will be in the rather delightful National Museum of Scotland as they are opening it tonight.

I am rather excited. Hopefully not to the extent that I will go there, gaze at the amazing new building then gatecrask teenwolfs barbeque.

I shall report back.


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