Teenwolfs film debut and Harper 7’s Mum and I.

Today is going to be a carry on.
Breakfast show for 4th morning in a row. I now look 250 and feel 3765.
On air 6am off at 10am and by then ready for lunch. Still. Tuesday I turned up to get my hair cut a day early deranged with tiredness. So yesterday I turned up on the right day and got it chopped dozing off at the basin.

Later today my Teenwolf is appearing in a corporate film for a charity. He has to turn up looking scruffy without washing his hair. He will be given make-up to make him look – well ill frankly. I will turn up scruffy without washing my hair and will already have lots of make up on as I look ill without it – but that’s just me day to day.
So today up at 5 breakfast show 6-10am , drive up to Fife to collect the wolf who has been there with his pals for a few day, drive him home. Go to shoot.

Yes the before and after of the slim fast plan. Posh and I.
Try not to smirk openly during recording or he will throw a fit and then I will go home to lie down in a darkened room.
I will report with photos.
Lifes rich tapestry.
Oh and I have a column in The Evening News tonight about Posh and Beck’s new daughter and her rather em..unusual name. As you can see from the photo above I did meet her a few years ago….we ended wearing the same clothes jeans, black leather jacket. The difference is about 4 stone. That’s Dane Bowers between us – I made him stand there between us cos I felt like John Merrick Elephant Man standing next to her but more of that later.

Must go and play records, speak nonsense and just wait til you hear what I am doing tomorrow…Friday..….

More of that tomorrow….


Writer & broadcaster.

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