Teenwolf joins the working world. Dead faint ahead.

This guy thinks he is Archie Pluff. We have news for him.

Teenwolf has a job.

I have to say I didn’t think he would go through with it but he has. He is working as a waiter and seems to be in his element. Dressed in black trousers and black shirt with black shoes he looks a little like the Black Magic Chocolate Man and as he sashays out of the house drenched in Lynx – he regards the Lynx ad as a documentary as to what will actually happen when women get a whiff of the stuff rather than some over the top advertising hyperbole – and off he goes.

After his first shift today he came in grinning from ear to ear. How was it? I asked
‘Great’ he said, ‘a good laugh and I got fed’. Manna for boys.

How long this early enthusiasm will last we will see. Certainly long enough for his first pay packet. Which is a week from now. In fact when I think about it when he sees how much dosh he will make plus the tips from the tourists- I have told him to be charming it’s worth it! – I worry he won’t go back to school at all.

Though being an exponent of the university of life myself – you have to keep an open mind.
You do.
I don’t.


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