Red Onion – made my eyes water with joy

Bag blogger. It’s been a week. What a week. Back and fore to Glasgow every day served to remind me what a great city it is.


On Wednesday I had to do a photo shoot with Spinal Injuries Scotland at Bellahouston Park in Glasgow  specifically with Kenny Heriot an amazing athlete who is hand cycling round Scotland.  As you can see from the photo the sun shone- so you know what day that was in 2011!


Afterwards Fiona the pr guru from Duff publicity and I sloped off into town for lunch and  headed straight for Red Onion.

Red Onion is the place owned and run by my old mucker and chef to the stars John Quigley. With a CV that looks like the  Who’s Who of culinary clients he aye has a story to tell.


Personal chef to Bryan Adams and Guns N Roses amongst others…you can imagine the tales are legendary. As is the man himself. So as we sat gossiping in the restaurant I was thrilled to see JQ himself come in who sat down and started the chat.

Being a honed supermodel I stuffed a king prawn Caesar salad into my chops. Now that sounds simple doesn’t it? But how many places do you go, order a Caesar and get something altogether floppy, bland and trying to be too big for it’s boots. Not here though. Oh Lord it was good.  And much as I like it plain, and with chicken my most favourite combo is  prawns, anchovies, romaine lettuce, croutons and the dressing from heaven. Ten out of ten.

Fiona had the risotto and was going on and on and on and on and on and on about how fabulous it was.

So I think she was happy then.

2 coffees later we were both full of food and smiling broadly.

So if you’re in central Glasgow then I really recommend Red Onion – top grub – great chef – good laugh. Ask for John and ask about Guns N Roses – you’ll see what I mean.


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