‘Have me met?’ Yes I am your Mother. ‘Oh right I thought you looked familiar sorry I just forgot your name’

Monday an interview I did with Informed Edinburgh was published on their website . I so worry about my short term memory. Now where was I……..oh yes……

I can remember my Mum cut my hair with a Ronco hair trimmer in 1969 for about 5  years but I can barely recall doing the interview for Informed Edinburgh which was about a week ago.

Anyway it’s a nice site so have a look.



Also my pal Fiona told me about this other new site that you must check out it’s a new online shopping thing called Twice – it’s Twice.co which is a bit confusing. So no that is not a misprint and I have not forgotten to put in the .uk but there is a new domain registration thing which is just .co  so if you like nickety nackety noo type things.

Like this ceramic jug which I have ordered because well hell it sang to me – which may just have been me so don’t expect it to actually sing  to you though it might – but I had to have it – they have all sots of things on there that I think you will love. I did. Damn now I have told you you will know how much your birthday present costs cos that’s where it will be coming from this year.

Mind you – you can aye buy me something from there for my birthday too as I can tell you right now I will just love it.

What a carry on back in The Sunday Mail this weekend having a spat with Teenwolf about the protein shake world.

It all started with this blog post DRINK ME & MAKE ME MACHO

So The Sunday Mail asked us all about it and got some medical bods onboard which resulted in this Article

The reactions have been great. Both on the site and to my email. Here are a couple of my favourites.

Good Morning, Just tell Louis that the long term effects mean his penis will shrivel up…..

Louis is certainly growing – much larger than a year ago when I last saw him. Would have thought no need for bulking up.
Glad you are taking a stand. Be interesting to get the schools view – peer pressure etc is a big motivator at that age.

Just in case you were interested…if not…hey ho I don’t blame you.

Now about that drink……


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