Found it! How to look 15 years younger.

As a dog lover, dog walker, dog rescuer, dog fanatic and without my make up – dog. I was eager to support my pal Tracy when she set up her own business Pet treks in the hills of Aberdeenshire. A fellow hound fan she and I have enjoyed many dog related adventures over the years.

My first official dog was Stumpy – thus called cos he had a long back, short legs and was probably one of the ugliest dogs I have ever seen. I rescued him from Battersea dogs home because being so hideous we felt there was no way anyone else would have him. Bless. When I arrived back in the north with him, Tracy had just got Rocky a guinea pig sized Jack Russell. The dogs became firm friends and we trolled around together for years.

In the picture were also Tracys Mums Great Danes – Havoc & Hogan. Pal Kerrys dalmation, my mums wire haired dashound Scooter and another Dalmation called Pongo that used to sing along to loud rock. As dogs came and went, people left and came back,  Rocky hung on in there. In fact he was about 18 when he finally died. 18! As  Tracy says when they say a dogs is  for life – she didn’t realise it was her life.

Anyway in recent years she has got herself a spinoni called Lola and a Sporting Lucas Terrier called Plum. She is great walking, talking dog loving girl  who  is now the proud owner of Pet Treks. She takes them big, small, hairy, bald, dogs, cats, horses, rabbit whatever and walks them, exercises them,feeds them cuddles them, talks to them  whatever the clients  want. I want to move back to Aberdeenshire and be her incapable assistant. Since she started she’s lost weight, looks about 25 and has a smile on her face as wide as …well her face…which is a lot less wide than it was by the way.

So though I don’t do merciless plugs – this does feel like one – but hey that’s what friends are for.


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