Presenting a BBC Radio program tonight – you pick the music!

First and foremost I am a radio girl. I love it and do it as often as I can. So tonight I am presenting Get It On on BBC  Radio Scotland. It’s a great show in which a theme is decided upon and then it is over to you, the listener to suggest songs round that theme. The result is 2 hours of eclectic sounds which you won’t hear anywhere else. Really. From Leonard Cohen, to Trini Lopez, The Streets to The Banana Splits, The Who to Ricky Martin as long as it’s on plan for the theme then you will hear it played.

Tonights theme is luck. Good or bad. So over to you.

The more stories and nonsense that go with it, the more fun we can have so if you are getting ready to go out, burning the tea, sitting in the car,slumped in front of your pc or just contemplating how annoying all The Apprentice contestants are this year tune in. On FM, Digital, online or psychically – actually that last option won’t work so skip that – 6.10pm – 8pm


Listen digitally techno person. (my fav.)

Listen on 92 -95 FM

Or if you miss it get it on BBC iplayer for the next 7 days.




Oh and the winner of the Dip Nation goodies is Morven Jones! Congratulations you lucky Dip Nation dipper. Thanks to everyone who entered and sorry you weren’t succcessful this time round. The ongoing giveaway just now is to see Bryan Ferry live at Edinburgh Castle on 4th September. Details here….WANT TO SEE BRYAN


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