The MDL question is now one my pals and I regularly ask each other when we are trying on stuff, or colouring our hair or considering a chunky sandal. Yup. Is this mutton dressed as lamb? Am I frankly too old and hacket to wear this now? A brutal question which will elicit a brutal answer but it’s imperative to have a yard stick – your friends who will be honest – once they pick themselves up off the floor from laughing as you totter in wearing 12″ stilettos, a ra ra skirt and a boob tube – and tell you look bloody ridiculous. Some examples below…….

For Gods sake Ivana get a grip. A grip of a stylists and a grip of yourself. Really. She has a fabulous figure for a woman of a certain age but it would be so much better hidden. Skin tight, mini high , clarty chops and a hair stye that hasn’t evolved in 20 years. It’s just a no no. The adage it doesn’t mater how much cash you have you cannae buy class.

So do these celebs not have friends?  Or maybe  their friends too scared to tell them the truth?  Either way – they should spend a weekend in Scotland for a bit of straighttalking  from the (admittedly quite large) hip. Ivana Ivana Ivana. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.


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